Future Events

We can't wait for you to join us at these upcoming events.

Our events are a great chance to connect with other Alumni - of all regions and generations.

500x90 -
Our Next Conversation is May 11, 2023

500 by 90 is a 3-part virtual conversation series
to support and empower the vision of
500 people at the 90th International Youth Of Unity Summer Event.
Learn about all of the conversations at 500x90!

Holding a vision for in person events, while still having virtual ones.

One of the visions for this Alumni Network that we have held the longest time is that we can really host in-person events.While there have been YOU alumni retreats in the past, it has been a number of years and with less attendance than the virtual events hosted by this organization thus-far.We envision successful and consistent in person events, while continuing to host virtual ones.
Currently, we aim to continue hosting virtual rallies and add in person events as either hybrid events, where virtual and live rally content join together for one event, or a separate addition to our virtual rallies.
We are so excited and honored to create the space for in person events.